Today I woke up a bit earlier than usually, and a Thought came into my mind. It felt weird - a bit pleasant but annoying. I wasn't used to have something on my mind. I didn't know what to do.

– What do you want? – I asked.

– …want…want…want… – echoed in my head.

– Well, I was just passing by, – Thought replied.

– Why haven't you passed? You could just keep going…

– …going…going…going…

– It's so spacious here. A lot of free space. Can I stay here for a while?

– You shouldn't, really. The ones before you died of hunger and loneliness. You'd better leave.

– …leave…leave…leave…

But it didn't. I decided to wipe it out. Turned on TV, found some news channel. It made a wry face but stayed. Switched to a soap opera. Thought hid in a corner shaking but still refused to leave.

– Why did you come, little bastard? My entire day is ruined!

– …ruined…ruined…ruined…

– I never thought that much in my entire life! My skull is cracking! My brain swelled up!

– It didn't, it's absent here, – Thought corrected.

– Stop my suffering and go away!

And it did. Once I got to work, I shared my Thought with colleagues and was surprised by their reaction. They admired me, some even felt jealous. They also wanted to have a thought at least once in their life times.

It came back in the evening.

– How was your day?

– Amazing! You've changed it!..

We talked a bit more, thought it…

– Sorry, I have to go, – Thought said.

– Pity, it was really interesting to be with you. You know what? Come back some day. And bring your friends with you.

Written: 04.06.2009
Translated: 18.02.2019