I woke up in the morning, made a coffee substitute with artificial sweetener, had a couple of sandwiches with margarine and went to work. Bought a ticket from an electronic conductor substitute.

There was a nice surprise at work: we got a salary substitute. Decided to treat myself with a soup substitute with some tea substitute for lunch. Being well fed and full of joy, started on my PC a work substitute. Though after two hours of playing Solitaire our deputy director came to the office and gave me a punishment substitute.



Today I woke up a bit earlier than usually, and a Thought came into my mind. It felt weird - a bit pleasant but annoying. I wasn't used to have something on my mind. I didn't know what to do.

– What do you want? – I asked.

– …want…want…want… – echoed in my head.

– Well, I was just passing by, – Thought replied.

– Why haven't you passed? You could just keep going…

– …going…going…going…

– It's so spacious here. A lot of free space. Can I stay here for a while?